Welcome one & all! Or something?



mewelcomeOkay, friends, it’s time. I’m coming back to the blog-o-sphere. I, Dawn, used to blog all. the. time. Not that anyone wants to read those…nor could I point you in their direction, because I’m pretty sure they’ve all been deleted (trust…that me was not as amusing as this me).

In any case, whether you know or not – and since I’m about to tell you so you WILL know – I have a degree in English. Yes, I get it. That’s hilarious.

“Who gets a degree in English?”
“Are you using your degree?”
“Do you want to be a teacher?”

I do. Sort of. And no. A MILLION TIMES NO. I may have a degree most people think is bullshit, which they love to tell you very backhandedly, but I LOVED getting my degree. I’m a not-so-secret bookworm. It also makes me able to be crafty with my words. Hence, my blogging.

I can’t say where this blog is going to lead. But Dawn On Me is such a fitting title (thanks, Michelle). I’ll blog about things that “dawn on me”. And I’ll blog about me…so Dawn writing on me. Get it?! Clever!

So I sit here, writing the first total nonsense post, while my cat (you’ll meet him) is cuddled up next to me sleeping, and Wheel of Fortune is playing on my TV (because I’m clearly 80 years old). I know I’ll backtrack and go over the past 4 months of my life in some sort of detail, because it has contained more changes than most people have in their whole lifetime. I know I’ll be addressing the fact that I’m about to turn 30 (shudder). I know I’ll be goofy, controversial, stupid, ADHD, nerdy, and more. So I hope you stick around through the insanity and watch this little baby blog develop as I get my blogfeet back under me. 🙂

Before I go. One question: is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing me talk about?

14 thoughts on “Welcome one & all! Or something?

  1. Well I can’t say I have an answer for your questions. I want to see where your mind and life lead this blog. Origionally when I started my blog, I was doing daily “how my day went” entries, but got bored of them this February, and now do regular life updates. I wish you good luck with that blog, as I am having with mine. By the way, Dawn on me is a clever name.

  2. YAY! you made it :3 I am obviously looking forward to pictures of Ollivander and hearing more Hanson stories and ramblings. I still need your paypal address, btw. No avoiding it! 🙂

  3. Topic Ideas:
    – How to spell the sounds a fart makes.
    – The average amount of dust bunnies you can hold in one swiffer refill.
    – The exact origination of the mustache fad and the estimated length of its existence.
    – The pros and cons of at least four different shades of turquoise.
    – Your personal opinion on which STD you believe will be the “next big one.” Also, your thoughts on any STDs in which we may not yet have discovered.
    – The mating habits of asexual porcupines.
    – The taste of windshield frost.

  4. I’d like to see you talk about boogers and why bearded men get all the good women. Also, any cat talk is appreciated. Any short works of fiction would also be great. You could even recount how we met in Chemstry all those years ago. I think everyone (just myself) would enjoy that. By the by, I’m considering doing a little of this, too, so I’ll send you a link if I ever get around to it.

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