Before I Turn 30

Okay, people. I have something to admit to you. Hold on to your seats. Or pants. Or couches. Or shorts.

I turn 30 on December 4th.

I know. It’s alarming to me, too. Where did all the years go?! I can’t figure it out, and I’m kind of feeling like this about it:


But I’m trying to be all like this about it:

That’s REALLY excited.

I mean, let’s think about the past 29 years…

-I was born in the 80s. I also didn’t have much hair until I was about 4. And my mom made me wear bonnets.
-I was a child of the 90s. That means my favorite outfit was leggings (preferably with stirrups) and a neon t-shirt that had Disney characters on it, which I tied on knot in on my hip, and Keds with scrunched up socks. Actually, this is an okay look. I wear something similar these days. Moving on…
-The 90s also meant cartoons (Animaniacs? Duck Tales? Chip and Dale? Captain Planet? Looney Tunes? ANYONE?!) and TGIF (Family Matters? Full House? Boy Meets World? Step by Step?)!
-Elementary school is just awkward. You’re awkward. You’re learning about life. If you’re me, you grow boobs before people know what boobs are. AWKWARD.
-Middle school is also awkward. Suddenly boys are “cute” and you have “crushes” and maybe your first “boyfriend”. Except you’re too young to go do anything alone, so it’s kind of pretend. And again, just AWKWARD.
-Speaking of middle school, I went through some weird stages of style where I refused to believe I had the aforementioned boobs and I wore really baggy t-shirts and baggier jeans and airwalks. And placed safety pins on clothing items like that was cool. #grungestyle
-High school is most awkward. Those of you who claim high school is “the best years of your life” are wrong and should find cooler lives. High school is not the best years. They’re years that don’t really help you prepare for moving out into the real world or college. There are more cliques than you even realize. And life is centered around what dance is next or what sport season it is. I did find my love of swimming and tennis in high school though, so there’s that.
-And then eventually you hit this “10 year high school reunion” time of life (yep, I’ve passed mine by a year a half now…I’m old, okay?!), where they all want to get back together and talk about the “good old times” as if all of you hung out during high school. And you didn’t. So it’s awkward. And, yes, I’m single and don’t have kids, so we pretty much have nothing in common.
-I’ve experienced the following things: cassette players and cassette tapes (and sitting patiently in front of the boombox so you can hit the record and play button and JUST the right time to catch your favorite songs on those cassette tapes), VCRs and video tapes (but don’t think all those Disney VHS tapes aren’t still living at my parents’ house proudly), the boombox, the walkman (both the cassette AND CD version), the CD (which is nearly extinct itself now), the intro of the iPod and iPhone and iPad, the rise and fall and rise again of Apple/Mac, 4″ floppy disks, when floppy discs became smaller and weren’t floppy but were still called floppy discs, when floppy discs became CD-ROMs, computers becoming a household item, when the internet was a dial tone (and a super annoying one at that), wifi becoming a free and common good, cell phones, when cameras had film in them, text messaging, Facebook (remember when it was just Ivy League and Big Ten schools? because I DO!), Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google…and all those other web things that are now common sites/words of daily vocab, DVDs and their players being SUPER expensive, BluRay players and their discs being SUPER expensive, TVs getting flatter and lighter and fancier, when Nintendo was the big thing…then Super Nintendo…then Sega…then Nintendo 64…then…yeah…I’m gonna stop now with that…
-I’ve had boyfriends – some good, some bad, some great.
-I went to Purdue for college and loved every second of it and would do it again in a heartbeat.
-I moved to South Bend then Indianapolis then Chicago and grew a lot from each experience.
-I’ve traveled all over the place, but not to every place I want.
-I’ve surrounded myself with some amazing friends and would not change them for anything in the world.

It’s really shocking how much has changed, isn’t it?!

Actually, now that I’m recapping, maybe my life through my 20s wasn’t so bad after all. Granted, I still prefer my Nintendo games and my style is a lot like the 90s (I think that’s the new definition of hipster, yes?). I’ve embraced the fact that I have boobs and am, indeed, quite female. And I often wish that TV was still cartoons and TGIF (and I find it weird that the shows I grew up with are now on channels made for “old shows”). I appreciate all the new technology and clearly can’t get enough of social media.

So, Life, you’ve been okay so far…a little strange and awkward and full of growing in so many ways…but okay. I imagine my 30s will be like my 20s, but with more clarity and less awkwardness and more stability. Maybe I’ll finally find the right job for me. And hopefully the right guy for me. But I’m sure it will still contain lots of awesome.

So, bring it on, THIRTY. I’m ready for you. Well, in 26 days.

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