Lackadaisical Friday (and Thursday…and Wednesday…and…)

Really I just waited this long to post again so that I could use the word “lackadaisical”. Okay. That’s not true. I’ve been pretty much on my death bed. My throat felt scratchy on Sunday night, and then I woke up Monday feeling like I’d been hit by a Mack truck. You know that feeling: your whole body aches and you just want to stay curled up in a ball, because that’s pretty much the only way you can be without crying. Except, despite having to sit through my shower and doing my hair because standing hurt, I went to work and survived a full shift and even went back the next day despite vomiting (yes, bad decision). But I told them “NO GO!” for Wednesday, which is when I started coughing those deep, ab-creating coughs that make you hate life. By Thursday I was struggling with the whole “breathing” thing, so off to urgent care I went. A couple hours and a nebulizer treatment later, I have bacterial bronchitis and walked out with heavy drugs and breathing help. YAY! Needless to say, me and my new couch have become quite friendly this week…

Onto more randomness of this week, shall we?


Remember when I posted about cute porcupines? SO CUTE! No joke, right?!


This was one of those moments where sick Dawn was really pleased that there is heaters at the L stop.


When I was trying to ward off the “super sick” (didn’t work) and nomming down Thermaflu. In my Korean Starbucks mug. Like a boss.

Okay. Other things that have happened this week:
-Mass consumption of saltines and gatorade and OJ and water….at least I’m SUPER hydrated and my skin should look great, right?!
-I’ve watched pretty much every Christmas movie that exists. At least all the good ones. Which is all of them. So there’s that.
-I’ve caught up on some TV. Like Glee. And sobbed like a baby when I had to watch the Finn dying ep. #noshame #IMissFinn
-Also, speaking of Glee… Darren Criss. Twerking. I die. #LOOOOVE
-Has anyone else been watching ‘Super Fun Night’ with Rebel Wilson?! Because I finally got around to catching up on TV (as mentioned) and it’s SO FUNNY! Rebel, can we just be BFFs fo realsies?
-I’ve slept. A lot. Like probably somewhere around 3/4 of the day. For all of this week. But I guess that helps heals bodies, right? I feel pretty okay about the laziness of it all.

So hopefully I’m on the mend. Which should mean: commence the regular Dawn weirdness and posts, amirite?!

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