The Most Random Facts EVER*

There is this meme going around Facebook-land where people give their friends a number and then said friends post that many random facts about themselves. That made me think, “Well, I don’t really care to do shiz like that on Facebook really, but since I’m blogging again, and the blogging is new (again), maybe I should share random facts about myself with my potentially new internet friends!” FAIR WARNING: I have no shame. And no one gave me a number, so we’ll see how long this goes. So…you’re welcome. 🙂

1) My favorite band ever in the whole wide world is Hanson. Yep. Mmmbop Hanson. And, yes, they’re still together. And, yes, they’re still making music. And, yes, they still tour. And, yes, I love them. 

Hanson at House of Blues Chicago a month ago - taken by moi

Hanson at House of Blues Chicago a month ago – photo taken by moi

2) I love Glee. It’s a total feel good guilty pleasure. It’s hilarious. It’s mostly cheesy. It teaches good lessons sometimes. It makes me cry. And laugh. And applaud. I adore 99% of the actors and actresses and follow them on social media like a weirdo. And I made homemade t-shirts for my friend and I when we went to the Glee live tour. Yes. I went to the Glee live tour. And then we also went to the Glee 3D movie concert experience and were the only ones in the theater and just stood in the middle aisle and danced and sang to the whole thing. Real life. True story. (I told you some of those embarrassing stories would come out, Wen! Hehe)

Dawn-made custom Glee shirts! Wendy's: all the things Sam gets called in the Trouty Mouth song Mine: Blaine loves football, I love scarves

Dawn-made custom Glee shirts!
Wendy’s: all the things Sam gets called in the Trouty Mouth song
Mine: Blaine loves football, I love scarves

Back of my adorable custom Glee t-shirts!

Back of my adorable custom Glee t-shirts!

3) People sometimes ask weird questions like, “If you could have any meal in the world, what would it be?” My answer to that will always be my mom’s homemade beef stroganoff. Which I know how to make now. And if you’ve ever had said beef stroganoff, you’d understand. It’s the BEST.

4) I own a ridiculously large nail polish collection. Which is weird, only because I work a job that I can’t really wear nail polish at. Rules be damned!

5) I really love christmas. And, yes, I decorate for it immediately after halloween. I have fall/halloween stuff up for two months, so I feel like it’s totally appropriate for my christmas stuff to be up for two months, too. And I love giving presents. It makes people feel good. 

6) Speaking of making people feel good, I love making people laugh. I’m pretty sure I’m only funny by accident, but it works for me. I also like people who make people laugh, so I have a lot of hilarious friends (probs why I don’t think I’m that funny…seriously…my friends are RIOTOUS). And I love funny actors and actresses. Like Rebel Wilson, Kristen Wigg, Molly Shannon, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, etc. And funny movies. Basically I like to laugh. A lot.

7) I’ve lost 50 pounds in the past year and a half or so. I don’t feel like I have when I look in the mirror, but it’s really obvious in the size of my clothes (I was in 20s and now I’m in 12s/14s) and when I look at photos.

Me with Isaac Hanson in December 2011

Me with Isaac Hanson (how is he so sexy?! is it even fair?!) in December 2011

Me with my boos, Christina and Sarah, at the HoB Hanson show in October 2013

Me with my boos, Christina and Sarah, at the HoB Hanson show in October 2013

8) I’m horribly afraid of clowns. I don’t get why anyone thinks they’re funny. Or adorable. Or amusing. They’re just super creeper.

9) I hate scary movies. If you try to make me watch one, I will just sit there with my face in a pillow and my fingers in my ears. And I’ll still probably have nightmares.

10) I really love cooking. And I usually cook enough food for like 6 people hoping someone will come over and join in. Oddly enough, people rarely do. And I think I’m a pretty good cook.

11) The problem with #10 is that I then have lots of leftovers and I do NOT eat leftovers well. Unless it’s the previously mentioned beef stroganoff. Or lasagna (how is lasagna always better on day 2?!).

12) Not eating leftovers made having a male roommate pretty awesome. He enjoyed that I cooked and left food in the fridge all the time. And I never threw out food, because he was a bottomless pit. Miss you, Charles! And I swear I miss you for more than your garbage disposal eating habits. 🙂

13) I’m really artistic. I have minors in art & design and art history. I have my own photography business (which is semi-sidelined since all my stuff got stolen when my apartment got broken into…I should probs blog that story soon…). I wish I could survive off of my artistic abilities, because I love that a million times more than my day job. And I should probably raise some money to get some new equipment before I can make that happen.

14) I’m really not much of a cat lady. But I own a cat. And his name is Ollivander Tonks. And he’s pretty much the coolest cat ever. He’s practically a dog, but more self-sufficient and litter trained, so it works. And he’s really cute.

The cutest cat EV-ER!

The cutest cat EV-ER!

15) I have an intense fascination with Harry Potter. A love. An obsession. I have stuffed animals. Legos. Books. Movies. My cat is (clearly and obviously) named after HP characters. And it extends into a love for Daniel Radcliffe. Which should probably be more of a #16…

16) I love books. I have an English degree. But I’ve loved reading since I was a kiddo. I worked in libraries in high school and college. And I own TONS of books. A good day to me is spending time in a used bookstore. I love that smell.

I’m going to stop at that. I could go on. But maybe I’ll just make another similar post with new randomness in the future if you fancy such things. Thoughts? And, tell me in the comments, what’s a great random fact about you that you think I should know!

*These facts may be totally not random at all. In fact, you may know many of them. I don’t care. This is my blog. RANDOM! 😉

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