Shows I Love: Shark Tank

It’s a rare treat when I’m home on a Friday night. I love being able to curl up in front of my TV with a homecooked meal when I am. Tonight was one of those rare nights. I cleaned my apartment a little, did a little Scentsy work, and then made Applesauce Mac n’ Cheese. It was a new recipe, but it did NOT disappoint. I’ll definitely repeat it throughout the winter months and enjoy it’s savory sweet goodness.

When I sit down with my dinner, I, of course, put on the TV. And I was strategic about it. Because I have a Friday night show that I love. A lot. Shark Tank. Have you watched Shark Tank?! The gist of it is that entrepreneurs come out and present their businesses to millionaire/billionaire businessmen/women in hopes that they’ll get money/support/etc. for a stake in their business. It’s super addicting and interesting.

And it has got me a couple times. Sometimes you just see something and go “THAT! I NEED THAT! I LOVE THAT!”

One time it was the HoodiePillow.

Oh MAN, I love my HoodiePillow!

And friends love it, too. It’s so cozy, and it’s the BEST for day time napping, because I just pull that hoodie over my eyes and it’s like it’s night and I pass out almost instantly! I bought mine on Amazon, because I literally bought it during the ep it was on and the website was overwhelmed. I still want the travel HoodiePillow. Because, duh. That’s brilliant! And, yes, that’s a pocket for your iPod, which allows you to feed your headphones into the hoodie. And, yes, that hoodie is the super soft fleeced lining of the best kind of hoodies. You know what I mean.

Tonight though. Tonight was Grace & Lace.

If you know me, you know I love my knee high boots as soon as it gets cold. And if you know me, you know I love my leg warmers with my knee high boots. So, of course, Grace & Lace appealed to me INSTANTLY! And I’m about to lay down SO much money on pretty much all the leg warmers they have. No shame. And people will love them. And I’ll talk about how amazing they are. Because that’s how it works. Because LEG. WARMERS. ARE. AWESOME. I hate wearing socks, but leg warmers make up for it by warming exactly how much I want to be warmed. Plus, they’re cute as hell. I mean, do you so those?! 🙂

So if you’re home being lazy on a Friday night, tune into Shark Tank. You won’t regret it. And you may just find your next favorite product!

*I was not compensated for this post. I just like and use the products and felt they deserved to be shared with you! But, note to self, I do need more leg warmers…

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