Out with the old. In with the new.

It’s 2014 here in CST. Which seems weird. I’m pretty sure 2013 just started. But, damn, 2013. You sure did take me for a ride. You had your ups and your downs. It wasn’t all bad, but I am glad to see it go, because the lows were LOW and 2014 HAS to be great. It’s my 30th year of life, so 2014 has no other option. 😉

But let’s review some of 2013…

*NYE 2012/New Year’s Day 2013: I spent it with friends at Uncle Fatty’s (RIP) watching Tuffcurls. It was probably my best NYE EVER. So much fun. Lots of dancing. Lots of booze. And met Vince. Definitely started of 2013 on the up and up.

*Spent the first several months of 2013 traveling back and forth between Indy and Chicago frequently since Vince and I were dating. Vince and I ended up better off friends, which is fine, because he’s just as great as a friend as he was as a boyfriend (yep, I said nice things about you, Vince haha). We had a lot of fun being SchaFonti, and visiting Chi so often really made me fall in LOVE with the city.

*I left a job. Started a new job. And then went back (sort of) to the old job. I’m still trying to find my place in the world, because corporate America is kicking my ass and is so not for me, but it’s okay. I’m lucky in that I have a paycheck to pay my bills.

*I celebrated a year with Scentsy (and then some) and met Orville and Heidi (could two people be any sweeter?!) and Joal (dear Joal, I love our mutual love of gummy bears that are chocolate covered) and Kevin and Jeanette (coolest chocolate-y cheese-y couple around) and SO MANY other Scentsy people and found a job and company I am truly obsessed with. AH! Can’t handle it even as I type it! 🙂 Went to Spring Sprint and got to experience Scentsy Family Reunion in Indy before I moved!

*2013 was new Hanson and new Justin. So basically my boy band love was complete.

*I decided to pack up my life and move to Chicago. Craziest thing ever. But I did it. Survived it. Barely. 😉

*I had $200 in cash stolen out of my purse off the kitchen table while moving in when I got to Chicago. So weird. Only me.

*I found the most adorable apartment and moved in to it 2 months after getting to Chicago and was so excited to unpack all my boxes. Finally. But less than a month after moving in (I was still living out of boxes even!), I came home from work to find my apartment had been broken into. MacBook Pro (my lifeline): gone. iPad mini: gone. Wii and all my accessories: gone. ALLLLL my camera gear…2 DSLRs, lenses, flashes, bags, SD cards, filters, hoods, all of it: gone. And then the assholes came back and stole my car while I slept. My world was pretty much shattered despite how strong I appeared to people. My car was the only thing found, but it was found in a hit and run and was totaled.

*My friends and family showed me what love is and were more support than any person should be allowed to have. If love was money, I’d be the richest lady in the world.

*I got TWO NIGHTS full of Hanson at HoB Chicago and still got to sleep in my bed because I EFFING LIVE IN CHICAGO! Also, HANSON! Seriously. Hanson. More Hanson. Always.

*I got to try Mmmhops. Not quite the same without Mike Rauscher there (you still owe me, Mike), but it was delicious. And Hanson. HANSON! 🙂

*I got bacterial bronchitis and had to do breathing treatments for the first time in my life. That was interesting. But it got me out of work for a few days. I felt like death, but, hey! No work!

*Chicago Christmas parade! LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS! Because, damn, was it ever cold!

*Thanksgiving in North Carolina! And trying to not bronchitis cough for a flight to and from. 🙂

*The yearly Friendmas party madness with my awesome Chicago friends.

*Lost 50 lbs. And, wow, do I feel good. 50 more to go!!!

*Went to 35 Tuffcurls shows. Yep. 35. And it could have been way more. That was me being conservative. 😉

*Spent lots of time with friends. Indy friends…Christy (and Kip), Erin L., Erin J., Kat (and LJ), Brittany, Nichole (and Steve), Diana… Chicago friends…Court, Jess, Ann, Kyle, Isaac, Marco, Vince, Tom, Ian, Gil, Ben, Jacob, Michelle… And, NO! you’re not excluded if your name isn’t here. Trust me. If I sat here and listed everyone, we’d be here all night. And my brain might explode. And who wants to clean that shiz up?! Plus, it’s 1:30am and eventually I need to decide to sleep…

*I turned. effing. THIRTY. WHAT?!

(Apologies for the lack of photos…it’s so late…and I wanted to get this out there…but you can follow my life in photos pretty easily on Instagram. GO ON NOW!)

So…basically…2013, you were AWESOME. and AWFUL. and just up and down and everywhere! And since you pretty much ended on a sour note, I expect 2014 to just be kickass full of awesome. In fact, I’m not letting you be anything but. I’m going to find a job I don’t dread. I’ll meet a man who appreciates me for me. I’ll find a way to buy and replace all my stolen stuff…and finally be able to take photos again (oh man, how I miss it…). And I’ll go to at least 36 Tuffcurls shows this year (because you have to beat last year, duh). You know, among the other awesome things you’re going to put in my path. So, let’s do this, 2014. Let’s take the world by storm. BOOM!

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