I Hear Blog Posts Are Better With Photos…

I have nothing too exciting to report on day 2. I woke up a little earlier than normal to be able to workout. Yep. Workout. I’ve got 50 more pounds to lose, friends! Gots to get my regular workout on! 🙂 But then it was off to work, and we all know that’s not exciting. Although I guess Isaac did give me a really good hug today. Sometimes you just need a good hug, ya know?!

So since I keep hearing posts are better with photos, I’ll continue that trend today. 🙂


The irony of so much damn snow on a street named California.


Came home. Popped popcorn. Grabbed an apple and PB. And climbed straight into bed with my snacks and my next Friends DVD. And it is awesome.


Plus, this cute face curled up next to me immediately. Lurve!!!

And thus ends day 2. And I swear there are some more exciting posts coming up. Not just recaps of my lame day posts. 😉

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