Days Off + Impending Doom

I have this problem when I start reading a book. Sometimes. Often times. I start and can’t sleep until it is done. I mean, seriously. How do people stop in the middle of a great book?! That happened last night. Luckily I got to sleep in and veg all day today after being up until 4am.

Did you know that on Saturdays Ion plays Law & Order: Criminal Intent allllllll day? While I should have watched Doctor Who all day, I got sucked in to Law & Order. It has now been 7 hours. Seriously. I’m so easily amused. 🙂

Have you seen that infomercial/as seen on tv thing for the pan that you put tortillas on and then bake to create bowls? Have you seen the hack of using a muffin pan to do the same thing? TOTALLY WORKS!


Seriously. How awesome is this? Just 10 minutes at 375 degrees!

Sometimes you need a night out with friends and Tuffcurls. Even if snowpocolypse 2.0 is approaching.


I mean, I’ve got to rock my Happy Masterson shirt for the first time. And hang out with this guy. I don’t even care that this photo is horrible quality. Love you, Seth!

And sometimes you say “who ordered all this white shiz!?” And sometimes you are completely over winter already. But you’re glad you have these guys to make a snowy night okay.




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