Winter Brings Misery. Or Coziness.


Cats are the best. Or mine is anyway. And today we hunkered in as the second round of blizzard hit Chicago. Ollivander clearly got comfortable. 🙂

Also, I unboxed the last of my moving boxes. Yes. It unusually took me over 4 months to get completely unpacked. Hilariously I ran across this in a box of books and CDs I’ve not accessed in like 3-4 years:


Alex and I filled this out when we were dating. It was a hilarious read this evening and a little bittersweet. But I texted him some of the pages and we laughed. 🙂 I mean, look at this…


A loaf of bread reminds me of him because he loves sandwiches! And his response: “I got a book about sandwiches for Christmas!” Some things never change! Hahaha! 🙂

So enjoy your days off if you get them, friends and strangers. And stay home and cuddled up in PJs with a blanket and some hot cocoa if you can. Just remember: Spring is only 73 days away!

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