Sounds of Saturday: Gittin’ Durty


Since I’m such a music fanatic, this is probably one of my favorite themed days. WOOT! Today I’m throwing out to my childhood besties, Linds and Mindy. We’re currently planning a rad girls trip, which will be filled with all sorts of debauchery surely. But what does that have to do with music? Well, OBVIOUSLY no good road trip would be complete without a soundtrack! We kind of go immediately to some cray-cray. These are so late high school/early college for us and, yes, we can sing/rap every word…so I present to you: my mind on durty. 🙂

Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy

T-Pain – I’m In Luv

Genuwine – Pony

Hot Action Cop – Fever for the Flava (straight off the American Wedding soundtrack…which we were obsessed with for some reason…)


Isn’t it funny when we look back on what was popular?! WHY WERE WE ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO THESE THINGS?! Filthy! HAHA! Shoot. Gotta go. I’ve got dancing to get out of my system now…

What are your favorite college throwback songs? I mean, I might need to add it to our trip playlist. 😉

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