Series Sunday: The Good & the Random

This is a combination LIST for Series Sunday AND unload my brain! These are the things on my mind right now:

1) I’ve got two food obsessions right now: those 100 calorie bags of popcorn and honeycrisp apples with peanut butter. These two things are put together to create at least one meal a day for me. At least it’s healthy?! 🙂

2) In watching Doctor Who for the second time, I think I like it more now. And I’m certain David Tennant is my favorite doctor.

3) It’s Hanson’s Back To The Island week and they’re filling my feeds with fun times. I’m adding getting to a BTTI Hanson event to my dream board.

4) SCENTSY SCENTSY SCENTSY! And how I am going to be a director in 6 months max. That’s the goal. I’m so stinkin’ motivated to make my life a life I love unconditionally.

5) I’m getting my first tattoo next week and I’m both WILDLY excited and PEE MY PANTS nervous about it.

6) I look better with short hair. And this fro isn’t working. Good thing I have an appointment to get it back to normal next week.

7) Next week is going to be a big week! 🙂

8) Do people ever ask you who your “one” is? You know…the person you could/would cheat on your significant other with if given the opportunity? You know…the famous person you will never meet but probably fantasize wildly about? I have a short list and it’s topped by Jason Segal. LURVE!!!

9) I want to know how I can be besties with Jennifer Lawrence. Seriously. Also, for the record, I loved her dress tonight, so peeps can calm down about it now. My opinion matters more. #bestiestatus

10) And did you SEE Emma Watson’s Golden Globe’s outfit tonight?! I NEED IT NOW! I can’t stop staring at it. Freaking flawless. And I don’t care how much shit people try to give her for not wearing an actual dress to the Golden Globes. SUCK IT! Y’all are just jelly to the max! 🙂


Via Cosmopolitan Magazine via Getty Images

5 thoughts on “Series Sunday: The Good & the Random

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