Follow Them Friday: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pasta

I’m allowed to change up my posts and change the alliteration. It’s my blog. And not that I’m going to permanently change it from Fashion Friday (because I’m not), sometimes I’ll just throw in other things. Today I feel like you need to hear about Rosie.

Rosie and I met via the interwebs thanks to Jamie Lono. Don’t know why you know who Jamie is? Remember this little show that is on sometimes called The Voice? Do you remember this…?

AH! Jamie, I just love your family. I forgot how adorbs their reactions were. I love you, too. 🙂

So he’s absolutely brilliant as a person and musician is the moral of that story…and you should definitely be following his career (especially you Chicago kids…he plays often here since he’s from here!). He’s going to do HUGE things and you’ll be mad if you don’t follow him. But that’s not what I as talking about this time… Back to Rosie…

SO! Rosie and I met because of Jamie. And then it turns out we have all sorts of things in common. Like our love of Hanson. 🙂 And blogging. And she’s a great blogger. She runs Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pasta. And so it’s Friday. And you should follow that shiz! It’s great! And you can’t help but love Rosie, because she’s awesomesauce and then some! (She also has no idea I’m sharing her today, so she’s gonna flip hehe!)

Who are your rec’s for me to follow on this frigid flurry filled Friday?! (SO MUCH ALLITERATION!!!)

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