Sounds of Saturday: Music to Work to

I’m momentarily taking a break from working my Scentsy/Grace Adele/Velata biz to do my daily blogging. Luckily today’s category is Sounds of Saturday! I am a person who NEEDS to have music when I’m working. It focuses my brain and keeps me going. But I can’t have just ANY music playing.

I am not the person who is “I always need chill music” or “I always need upbeat music”. It really depends on my mood. Today I’m on like cup of coffee #5 or something like that, so I’m listening to chill music because my hands and brain are going A BAZILLION MILES A MINUTE! WOOT! CAFFEINE! šŸ˜€

So what ARE my favorite chill albums to work to currently, you ask…?

Today I’m listening to John Mayer Paradise Valley.
Two) That guitar playing is epic.
Three) Obsessed.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen John live, but it’s mindblowing and life changing. You MUST do it. Even if you think you’re not a fan, you will be after that experience. I promise you that.

Five others I am a fan of:

One) Dave Matthews Band. I used to be venomously against DMB because of the way they’d become such a “frat kid” status and it was annoying and I didn’t even really listen to them, I just against them in principle. LAME, DAWN. Turns out they’re very talented as a group and they mellow out my brain and make me think of summer time.

Two) Bastille. There is something just awesome about this group. If you don’t know Bastille, you just go listen RIGHT. MEOW. Go. HURRY!

Three) Adele. I don’t care what people say. That lady’s voice is something made of pure magic. MAGIC, I SAY! It can give me goosebumps on the reg, and that’s a sign of greatness.

Four) The Avett Brothers AND/OR Mumford & Sons. My Grandpa Schaffer, who I never got to meet because he passed away before I was born, was in a bluegrass band. From what I know about him, I am a lot like him. I think that’s why I’m drawn to this kind of jam. And it always makes me a little nostalgic for the grandpa I never got to meet. Plus, it’s

Five) Ed Sheeran. I’m going to admit it right here: I love me a good ginger. It’s just a weird fact. But this ginger is British, sings like an angel, and wields a guitar. WHAT?! Sign me up to be on his fan list! Bonus: His video for Lego House has Rupert Grint in it. AKA Ron Weasley. AKA SO AMAZING. AKA Another hot ginger.

Now, go listen to some good music and drink a few cups of delicious coffee. Enjoy your snowy Saturday. Relax a bit. AND! Add to my playlist: What are the chill albums YOU prefer to work to?

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