We Are All Boilermakers

Today is normally Tasty Tuesday. But today is different. Today my alma mater had a tragedy. Today my Purdue University had a gunman enter a building and shoot someone and kill him. Today the place I called home for so long, and love so much to this day, was a place people were afraid of being at. The upside is that for so many places, this story has been much more tragic. More shooters. Deadlier shooters. More deaths. This was one shooter. One intentional victim. But the fear left behind is the same. The “how did that happen to our campus?!” is still very real. Today we question why Cody Cousins could do something so violent and then just turn himself over to the cops that thankfully responded to quickly. Today we ask why Andrew Boldt, a promising 21 year old TA, was at the receiving end of a deadly bullet.

Today is different. Today Boilermakers showed the world that we are strong.


Today we all became Boilermakers. Those who graduated there, like me. And those who joined us in mourning a life gone too soon in such a selfish way. And those who prayed that the violence would stop.


Today we need to remember that we are all Gold and Black. We are all Boilermakers. Today we need to all remember that there is hate and cruelty in this world. But also there is love and beauty.


Stay strong, Purdue. We are Boilermakers.

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