Series Sunday: BRAIN DUMP!

Am I allowed to turn ‘Series Sunday’ into ‘Brain Dump Sunday’? It isn’t as catchy sounding, maybs, but it’s a good start to the week…you know, to get all that crazy shit off your already-too-full brain holder.

1) I didn’t watch the Grammy’s tonight. I’ve been trying to turn on my TV less unless it’s purposely to watch a show on Netflix or Hulu+. Otherwise I sit like a blob on my couch and I’m lame. Granted, it has also been negative degrees. Literally. For like a month.

2) When I do laundry and get to folding my jeans, I literally look at them and think, “THERE IS NO WAY MY BODY IS SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN THOSE!” And then I smile. Because it is. BTW, Dawn, get to working out regularly please. Pretty please. You’re happier when you do. And have more energy. And it’s how the rest of the weight is going to fall off. And you know it. Ya bum.

3) John Mayer. I don’t really need to expand on that. I mean. John Freakin’ Mayer. I’ve just been extra obsessed lately.

Do you remember his GAP ad days?! I do. I tried to steal it when I worked that holiday season.
And I’d try again, dammit! 🙂 #hottie

4) I don’t know when and where I acquired a love of bearded gingers, but it has been raging strong lately. And, Joe, you know who you are, regular customer dude. I’ll put ALL the love in your mocha. You hardly even need to ask. Bahahaha! #insidejokewithmyself

5) Hashtags. I don’t care if people hate them. I love them. And if I can make it extra long and ridiculous….YEP! Even better. It’s like it makes hashtags more worthwhile. A fave on my Instagram: #dabootswitdafur – because #whoneedsmaturitywithahashtaglikethat?! See what I did there? 😉

6) I need to hone my writing skills. This blog is a start. And it has been nice. Did you know I have a dream of writing and illustrating a kids book? Why haven’t I done that yet?! Now if only my “day job” wasn’t suffocating my creativity. Because, seriously, it makes me feel like a creativity black hole.

6a) Seriously. Blogging topics. GIVE ‘EM TO ME! 🙂

7) Hey, WordPress. I like you. A lot. I need to be better at you. You’re on my list, bro. And if anyone wants to give me WordPress things to work on, hit me up!

8) Google Hangouts, where have you been hiding?! Have you participated in one of these?! Because I did last night for the first time (HEEEEEEYYYY, Michelle, Dan, and Kiko!). And it was great. I mean, it may have just been the company I had, but brills, I say. So, let’s Hangout!

9) I need to get back to drinking lots of water. I’ve been drinking too much soda, when I was not drinking any soda. DAMN YOU, COCA-COLA! Why must you be so delicious with my rum?!

10) I need approximately $2700 in my pocket immediately. Because I need to buy Kiko’s camera and lenses off of him ASAP. Or before someone else does who isn’t as broke as me. And I need my new iMac so I can give Michelle back her lappy. Now, how can I make this happen with out going out on a corner and flashing some leg and stuff…?

10a) Money should grow on trees when you’re in the middle of a life crisis. Because shiz…

Last) My tattoo is healing. And it itches. Where’s my aquaphor at……?

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