Photography Friday: Another Theme

No. Photography does NOT start with an ‘f’. But it does SOUND like it starts with an ‘f’. And that counts enough. 🙂 And this could be a good regular topic for me…the photographer. Especially since I get “complaints” that I don’t post enough photos…

I’ve mentioned here before, I had my apartment broken into in October and allllllll my camera was stolen. Literally. All of it. Film AND digital SLRs. Lenses. Flashes. SD cards. Bags. ALL OF IT. Gone. Years of purchases taken to who knows where by some punk kids. And I’ve felt a lot lost since. See, when I had a bad day or needed to clear my head, I’d take my camera and head on a photo date with it. We’d wander and find beauty in unknown places. Yes. I also did (and will again do) paid photography from babies to weddings, but those artistic alone moments are what I miss the most right now.

So, I’ve decided. Photography Friday. (Fotography Friday? Foto Friday? Thoughts?) Where I can share some of my favorite images from my career and personal time. Because, that, that they didn’t steal. 🙂

Today I share one of my favorite wedding images. It was from the bride and groom portraits after the wedding and before the reception. The sun was setting and the MOST PERFECT AUTUMN DAY EVER (you know the type, midwesterners) and we were finishing up to head to the reception hall. I spotted a moment. The moment. The best moment. The perfect light. And BAM. This. Untouched. Unedited. Just this. And it was perfect.


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