Series Sunday: TeeVee Probs

For a girl who does not have cable, and hasn’t in a few years (I know, I’m soooooo hipster cool), I sure do have a long list of shows I’m dedicated to. And, yes, I do have Netflix and Hulu+, so I can still watch TV things, I just don’t sit and watch it pointlessly anymore. 🙂

So what are these shows? Why do I love them? Let’s discuss…

-HIMYM – aka How I Met Your Mother – I will admit, I haven’t seen most of this final season, but I have heard rumors of disappointment, but I also think those rumors are stupid, because this show is NEVER disappointing. I can relate most situations in life to a HIMYM moment. It’s kind of like Friends for my generation, but better. Because obvi. Also, NPH and Jason Segel (see last Wednesday’s post about my love of this man).

-Grey’s Anatomy – Ever since that damn ferry crash ep post-Super Bowl in season 1, I’ve loved this show. It’s reeeeeally cheesy most of the time, and I get queasy at the gross things, but I am attached to the characters and I can’t stop watching it.

-Chicago Fire – This is a new addition to my list, but despite it’s pretty implausible work radius, (since, ya know, there isn’t just one firehouse in Chicago) I love it. Plus, have you SEEN Taylor Kinney? HAVE YOU?! Let me introduce you…

Oh, yes, I knew you wanted a shirtless Taylor.

Oh, yes, I knew you wanted a shirtless Taylor.

Bearded Taylor. Oh man, that facial hair....

Bearded Taylor. Oh man, that facial hair….

And those eyes. Taylor, you're killin' me!

And those eyes. Taylor, you’re killin’ me!

So, you see. Chicago Fire. Worth it. Also, can someone inform him that he should clearly be with me and not Lady Gaga? Obvi.

-Chicago PD – This show LITERALLY just started last month. So far though, it’s INTENSE. It’s a Chicago Fire spin off and I like where they’re going with it so far. Also, sometimes Taylor Kinney shows up when story lines cross. That’s a bonus.

-Glee – Judge away. I know this list is not for the faint of heart anyway. 🙂 Glee is super cheesy, but also just makes my heart happy and makes me want to be in a world where we sing to accomplish everything. That’s pretty much how my real life is anyway. But with less cool wardrobe and no backup singers or band. Okay. My life is not as awesome as Glee.

-Community – EASILY one of the funniest shows that has ever existed. At least if you get all the nuanced references and nerdiness of it. Which you should if we’re friends, because that’s probably why we’re friends. 🙂

-Doctor Who – Insert nerd comments here. And, because I know you’re wondering, my favorite is Ten. Always and forever. Even when he’s Barty Crouch Jr.

RIP to some other faves that I can rewatch incessantly:
-That 70s Show
-Will & Grace
-The OC
-Sex & the City
-The Office

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