Photography Friday: When Friends Model

380549_10150422314689574_1751598936_n 376252_10150422315734574_475248352_n 373961_10150422307224574_1428680157_n 312786_10150422316919574_1901449680_nWendy is going to love that she’s my featured photo shoot today! 🙂 This is when I was deciding whether I wanted a lens (I don’t even remember which lens, but I do know I bought it), so I rented it (hello,! i love you!) and pleaded for someone to let me photograph them. I got the most perfect fall day. Fall is my favorite season, so this was especially extra awesome. I found this tree that was clearly on fire. On fire with AWESOME. And the light was TO.DIE.FOR. Plus, how gorg is my friend, Wendy?!

It’s moments like this. Moments where I just pick up my camera and force someone in front of it and snap without agenda that I miss. A LOT. Thanks for being a great model, Wen. Who wants to model for me when I get new camera gear?! 🙂


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