Sounds of Saturday: New Releases

I used to be REALLY good at knowing what was coming out musically. I have more music than any human should (and I still pay for Spotify so I can access ALLLLLL the musics). And I love most music. My taste is so varied that most people are uncomfortable when they realize it. I’m okay with it.

My friend, Sean, reminded me that I’ve gotten bad at sharing the upcoming music releases. Not that I was ever really good at it (unless it was Hanson…which he also pointed out). But I figured since I’m blogging, and I have this outlet, and I have a musical post genre, it’s totally legit!

So what’s coming out that interests me, you ask? GOOD QUESTION!

  • The Fray – Helios :: February 25th :: I feel like The Fray just always puts out a solid album. Plus, they remind me of college. And Grey’s Anatomy. But, seriously, they just have a chill sound and I’ve never been disappointed. So I hope this is no different.
  • Lea Michelle – Louder :: March 4th :: Yes. The Glee Lea Michelle. I’ve heard a couple tracks of this album, and I have to say, she sounds as amazing as she always does. Girl has a voice! And just the couple songs I heard have a lot of heart and you can tell there was some Cory influence in the lyrics. And I extra love that.
  • Foster the People – Supermodel :: March 18th :: If you don’t like Foster the People (and still sing Pumped Up Kicks every once in a while), you’re wrong. I’m really excited for this CD. This is, coincidently, the album Sean was mad about me not informing him of. Hey, Sean, Foster the People has a new album coming out! 😉

Bands I’m alarmed are still releasing albums because I used to really follow them:

  • Taking Back Sunday (I LURVED TBS back in the day!)
  • The Used (I found one of my CDs when I moved…talk about feeling old…)

What are the bands who you ALWAYS know what’s coming next for them? That’s definitely Hanson for me. And I don’t apologize for it. 🙂 Are you going to check any of these out?!

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