Motivational Monday: So Says Dumbledore

happiness_can_be_found-wallpaper-1024x768It is no secret that I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. To the max. If it is a secret to you, we probably just don’t know each other well enough. So, hey, person I don’t know that well, I am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. To the max. 🙂

There are a lot of things in these books that are worth quoting, but this one is one I come back to often. Especially the past 6 months. There are days that are dark and hard to handle, but there is always some light in the darkness that you can find if you’re willing to notice it. I spent weeks after my break-in ending my days by writing a Facebook status of the things that made me happy that day. It was so easy to the let the darkness take over and sit in a puddle of unhappiness and being pissed off and frustrated, so I fought it with the good things in my life. Whether it was a hug from a friend or eating some gummy bears or someone telling me a stupid joke. I found the little things.

My “lights” today:
+ I started my day with scrambled eggs and homemade banana bread warm and soaked in butter.
+ In one of the coldest winters I can remember, I have a roof over my head and working heat (even if I do frown every time I see a gas bill hehe).
+ My Scentsy family telling me how much they love me…it never fails to make me feel awesome.
+ Watching my Scentsy team grow and take the stairs – shout out to Brianne for doing two big outside-the-box things for her business this week already! Makes me feel like I’m a good leader and business owner.
+ Michelle – one of those once-in-a-lifetime friends that make you glad you had that super early art class in college. 🙂
+ WordPress. I thought only Scentsy could give me that sense of community and acceptance basically instantly. Now I have TWO things that make me feel that way. And that’s pretty amazing.

So I challenge you, no matter where you are in life, but especially on those days where it feels like the darkness is taking over and surrounding you and you might just let it: find the light. What makes you happy today? What made you smile? Who brightened up a moment with just a word?


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