Series Sunday: When I Ramble…Like Usual

I should totally be sleeping. And, really, I’m exhausted. But I’m to the point where I’m too exhausted. You know what I mean. Luckily this means you get Series Sunday (I haven’t slept, so this still counts!), as planned! 🙂

+ Amber and I convinced each other to get off our asses and out of the house yesterday. It’s hard, yo! Have you been to Chicago this winter?! Hella cold…nay, frigid!…and snowy and all the other general unpleasantries. But we went to Target. And out to dinner. Lady date for the win!

+ Had to make the mistake make the most awesome decision ever to enter the holiday area at Target. Discounted Valentine’s Day candy! And, really, is there any other purpose for that “holiday”? No? No. No, there is not. In related news: Dove Dark Chocolate Hazelnut is amazing. And who doesn’t love a Reese’s heart!?

+ I may have also bought Easter candy. Please don’t judge me (I know you’re judging me).

+ I’ve been trial testing DailyBurn. It’s a fitness app. Tons of personal trainer stuff and workout videos. It’s $10 a month after your intro month. And I love it! See aforementioned comments about the dreaded winter, and you should see why working out in my living room is appealing right now. No, they are not compensating me for these comments, nor am I popular enough for them to care about my review, but I thought I’d pass it on. Because, seriously, it’s a great concept!

+ Speaking of working out: yoga! I’ve been told it’d help me out before. It apparently suits my personality type. It was right. I sleep better. I feel less stressed. I have less back pain and headaches already. Although I do think I need the chiropractor to really fix my back.

+ Why is my Cosmo mag not here yet?! One. It’s the Ashley Benson cover. And Two, I just need my smut!

+ I’ve spent a fair amount of time talking to a new friend lately. You know how sometimes you just click with someone way it well? No? Just me? Fine. But this is one of those situations. #keeper

+ Baseball season grows ever closer. Pitchers and catchers have reported. The Cardinals keep posting things from Florida. Man. So close, I can taste it! Eep! I wanna attend some games this summer. A lot.

+ It is supposed to hit 50 one day this week. I think that needs no further explanation. You get it.

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