Hoping for Spring

I don’t know about you, but I am OVER winter. Like, WAY over. Like, I-want-to-be-living-in-a-warm-state-next-winter over it. How soon is too soon to retire to Florida or Arizona for the winter?

Well, today I was determined to stop creating a butt print on my couch and go out and do something. I decided to take advantage of free museum entrance and venture out. It seemed nice enough. There was sunshine even. I kind of forgot about the early closing times, so Jess and I missed the Science and Industry Museum…this time. But we finagled our way into Shedd Aquarium for the last 35 minutes (did you know they stop letting people in technically 45 minutes before close?! WHO KNEW!).

The good news is: I got all these photos…


Do you see how cool that fish is?! It looks like it has stars on it!


The view from Shedd Aquarium was pretty good.


All the pretty seahorses.


I will eat your face, yo! #SnappingTurtleProbs

Gator! #nomnomnom

Gator! #nomnomnom

1972536_10103405030668178_304695202_nThe bad news: I pretended it was spring out and wore TOMS and a sweatshirt and puffy vest instead of boots and a winter coat. So I’m still cold even though I’ve been home for like 6 hours.

Is anyone else ready for 70 degrees and toes in the sand like I am?!


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