Photography Friday: Family

Sometimes I get lucky and get to have family as my photography subject. I have taken family photos (yes, for my family haha), my brother’s and youngest sister’s senior photos, my other sister’s engagement and wedding photos, and more. I may be biased, but I think my family is pretty amazing and exceptionally good looking, which makes for some really good photography subjects. 😉

Katie’s senior photos I got to do while we visited our sister and brother-in-law in North Carolina. I could post all the photos from her shoot, because I loved all of them so much. I got woods and ponds and old fishing boats and cotton fields and you can see how amazing that southern light is below.

My (not so) baby sister

My (not so) baby sister

And my other sister and brother-in-law, Danae and Jeremy, are pretty adorable. And I got to shoot their engagement photos on the beach in North Carolina and also at their NC home. Beach engagement photos are the best, btw. I will do days on the beach with a camera a million times yes if asked. 🙂

My brother-in-law and sister

My brother-in-law and sister

Maybe I’ll share more family photos with you along the way, but these are two of my faves, so consider yourself blown away! 😉

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