Disappearing Act … HI!

What?! Has it really been that long since I last blogged?! I AM SO SORRY! (You’re probably less upset…) So much for blogging every day, eh? But quality over quantity? Can I make that argument for myself on my own blog? Sure….sure I can. Because I said so.

So, obvi, life has been crazy. And, by crazy, I mean I have clearly been working opens, which means I barely sleep, and, thus, I just pass out randomly out of pure exhaustion/have no real good flow to life/work. And sitting and blogging, which I love, falls to the backburner. I apologize. I’ll try to not let it happen again. I’m sure the silence kills you slowly…

So let’s just make this a random post. I mean, one of those “spill my brains” posts. I know you dig those the most. (Or that’s what I’m imagining.) You’re welcome in advance.

> Michelle made this great Spotify playlist. I listen to it pretty much on repeat. Except for the times I let John Mayer get in the way. Or American Authors. Or Bastille. These are things I listen to right now. I’ll share about the Spotify playlist awesomeness in it’s own music related post. There are some good musicians I think you should check out. For sure. And you know I know good music. *coughcoughHANSONcoughcough*

> I posted a disgusting photo of myself on Facebook last week? The week before? Not that long ago. Of a day I realized I really may be wasting away. It was the first time I’ve really noticed my weight loss gotten excited without forcing myself to notice it and be excited by it. It may be my most commented on/liked photo. I’m sorry it was a post-workout/pre-shower photo. Don’t worry if we’re not Facebook/Instagram friends. You will see it soon enough… I’ve been asked to blog about my weight loss and how I got to where I am today versus where I was. I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve been very public about it to my friends. Someone else may be motivated, so I’ll share that soon!

> I watched way more of The Bachelor this season than I should ever publicly admit to anyone. Especially the interwebs, where we know it will live forever as proof of my complete lack of cool. And, while I will admit to having a mild fascination obsession with Bachelor Pad, I’ve actually never watched a full season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I am, however, a total addict of celeb (A, B, C, or D list…doesn’t really matter) gossip, so I usually catch the end of the seasons. You know. The final ep. The choice. The women/men tell all. The after the final rose. Because THOSE are the hilarious eps. Plus, they recap the whole season so thoroughly that who needs to really watch every excruciating detail?! (And, peeps, it is EXCRUCIATING.) But, Juan Pablo, and every idiot thing he did, sucked me right in. I watched probs 2/3 of the eps. Don’t worry about that. These are some things I noticed:

  • Juan Pablo is a moron
  • Juan Pablo talks about himself a lot
  • Juan Pablo thinks kisses are the most important thing in the whole world (and kissing well is apparently the most important, and, as far as I can gather, the only part, of a great relationship)
  • Juan Pablo thinks everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, “eets okay”
  • Juan Pablo uses his kid and English being his second language as excuses. Always. Incessantly. Dude. Here’s a memo: You’ve spent most of your life in the U.S. Your accent should not be that thick, nor should you be struggling with English so much
  • Juan Pablo should have been punched in the face by Sean on the After the Final Rose ep. Sean wanted to. I could sense it. We all wanted you to do it, Sean! SERIOUSLY.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. This man was EXTRA vapid. It was enraging. And I’m a little upset I took up so much blog space for talking about it. But, man, seriously. I considered throwing things at my TV every time your mouth opened. I’m pretty sure that is a more brills idea than anything you ever did/said.

Side note: I’m glad Andi is the next Bachelorette. She was smart enough to finally realize how much of sham JP was and just leave. And tell him off first. I hope she’s as blunt as I want her to be when she’s in charge.

Side note 2.0: Chris Harrison may have momentarily become my hero for all the jokes he had on that After the Final Rose. Mr. Harrison, sir, you dominated that whole awkward mess. *high fives*, bro.

> I apologize entirely for that last bullet point. (Sort of.)

> This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day celebrating in Chicago. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry about all the shenanigans that are about to go down. It’s going to be a mini-vacay for me and my brain, soul, heart, life need it. Plus, it’s celebrating Amber’s birthday, so DOUBLE WHAMMY! There will be dinners and Chicago dogs and endless mimosa’s at brunch and parade’s and green and beer and car bombs and shamrock headbands and photos. OH THE PHOTOS. 🙂 I love Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day!

> I’ve been working on rebranding and rebooting my photography business. Since everything I had got stolen, it’s probably the most logical time to do that. I do need new gear. Shout out to Jess, who is giving me a camera and one of my fave lenses for waaaay cheap to satiate my creative side while I’m rebuilding. In related news: I think I may start a GoFundMe to reboot. With giveaways for different gifting levels. Prints of artsy things I’ve taken…all the way to some pretty hefty photo shoot packages. I, of course, being me, find it a bit greedy to do when I let myself think about it too long, but I feel like it’s a productive way to rebuild. Puts my art and work out there, let’s me do a little portfolio rebuilding, maybe connect with some new people. I don’t know. What do you think??? (Seriously. Tell me what you think. I will not have hurt feelings.)

> I need to go to the eye doc. It’s time for a check up on my old lady eyes. Also, mostly, I just want to buy new glasses. Not because I want to spend the money. But because I look damn cute in glasses and want all the glasses of cuteness for my face.

> I also need a haircut. If I’m going to go celebrate Michelle’s birthday in grandiose fashion in a couple weeks (and I am), and see that super hot guy I spend way too much time talking to (haha he’ll hate me for that if he reads this), then I might as well look decent. And my hair needs to not be the untamed fro mess it is right now. #INeedTimeToDoThingsBesidesWorkEatAndSleep

> Yes. I may have a hashtaghashtag obsession. You’ll deal. It’s how I feel about abbrevs. It’s all good. I’ll never get over all the “totes magotes” things I get from people just because of my way of talking. You know you secretly love it, too. At least when it comes out of me. So, you’re welcome.

> This week was the official beginning of the build up to Scentsy’s 10th anniversary Family Reunion! It’s our big annual conference, and it’s going to be even bigger than normal because of the 10 year anniversary part. Already confirmed: Train and Jim Gaffigan and Sara Bareilles! WHAT?! Insanity! And, oh man, all those internet friends I’ve mentioned that I have? I get to finally meet a handful of them! And, I’m sorry, internet friends, because I am NOT as awesome in person as you’re all thinking I am. 😉

> OHEMGEE, WORLD! I almost forgot to tell you the most amazing news! In a couple months I get to go to Orlando! To visit my BFF, Erin! And celebrate Emma’s and Chris’ wedding! And take photos! OF THE WEDDING PARTY! (HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS…) IN DISNEY WORLD!!!! I have never been to Disney, and I’m practically pee-my-pants-excited! It’s going to be a week of totally incredible awesomeness and Florida warmth and friends and flip flops and bikinis and photography and sunshine and swimming and rides and characters and FUN! Are you dying a little bit from how awesome it is?! I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!

> Disney related: I signed up to participate in a half-marathon. It’s in November, so I’ve got plenty of time to train for it. Plus, I could walk it, because I walk faster than the mile pace Disney has, but I’m going to try to partial run it (I know I won’t be able to entirely run it, because I have physical issues that prevent that). Now if only the snow would stop dumping on Chicago by the buckets… And that’ll be a couple things off my bucket list…because Food & Wine fest AND run a 5K and/or half-marathon are on it! Oh. And we are going as Alice In Wonderland characters. My costume will be amazing and so I’m keeping it a secret, because it’s pretty awesome.

Okay. That’s a lot of info. I guess I have some exciting things going on that should totally overpower the chaos of my day job. 🙂 There’s more things that I’m sure you’ll be hearing about soon… 😉 For now, my alarm goes off in 6 hours, and that’s never a pleasant story, so I’m going to go crash so that I don’t punch someone in the face tomorrow (still might be a possibility…). And, I promise, I will never you leave you for so long again!

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