Photo Friday: Zac Hays


This is Zac. Zac Hays to be specific. I’ve done several shoots for him, and I love all of them.

One) Zac is just good looking. Haha. So he’s easy on the camera. πŸ™‚
Two) He’s SUPER talented. Seriously.
Three) I love the perspective of this pic. And the light. So pretty. *sigh*

So…more about the super talented part. I love Zac. He’s like a little bro. We clicked pretty instantly when we met. Zac is a singer. A performer. He plays piano and guitar. He’s just so damn naturally talented, and I think he’s going to do some really big things in his life. You can search him on YouTube. All the covers are a year or more old, but you can see the talent. πŸ™‚

I miss you, Zac, and our laughs and hangouts and you testing songs out on me. πŸ™‚ I need to come visit soon! Love you!

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