2015: A Recap

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Well, folks…2015 came to an end. I don’t really know where the year went. I’m pretty sure I blinked and it was over. But here we are, wrapping it up. WHOA. I told myself I would blog more this year, because I miss writing. I’ve clearly succeeded at that (yeah…I know…not so much…). But I wanted to write a wrap up post to apologize, but also kick off 2016 with some regularity. The blogging kind. Not the pooping kind. (But I hope that’s regular for you, too.) 🙂

A one sentence summary of the past year would be: It’s ending 180 degree difference from where it started.

But that doesn’t really do it justice.

2015 started at the end of a tunnel. I could see a light at the other end finally, but it felt very far away still. I had just started with Disney and quit my lame horrible fill in job, even though I wasn’t sure I could afford it, that I had taken while trying to get in to Disney. But I took the leap. Florida had given me a new sense of self and self-preservation. Somehow I pushed through many months of 6 day weeks in order to afford bills and also have a tiny bit of fun on the side. I went to Disney a bazillion times (okay, probably “only” pushing like 100 times, but that’s still pretty ridic). I’ve gotten to experience a whole year of holidays at Walt Disney World. WHO GETS TO SAY THAT?! Not many peeps. And I feel lucky. I’ve made new friendships, lost others, and strengthened many more. I promoted into a really awesome role with Disney Vacation Club and literally get paid to talk to people about princesses, Mickey Mouse, and their vacation. WHO GETS TO SAY THAT?! I’m working on paying off debt, and will have most of it done (except for college loans) by February. And I turned 32 with the help of a pretty amazing guy who I now get to say is mine (after 5ish years….finally….and I will continue to do the “I told you so” dance…haha).

That’s the fastest recap of a year that has ever happened, and it’s just a nutshell of what 2015 entailed, but to catch you up on a whole year of life, no matter how fast it felt to me, would be marginally crazy to attempt. Although someone reading this is thinking, “Well, you ARE marginally crazy, so….”

Instead, though, I think I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the past year, and let you live vicariously through me that way. And I’ll share that I’m going to be doing some sort of blog post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this year. 2015 felt like it was a ramp up to some really exciting adventures, and so I feel like 2016 deserves some documentation of what those adventures will be. A post may just be a photo some days, or a long winded Dawn rant others, but at the end of the year, I will be excited to look back and have a place to visit all the little moments I experienced.

So, 2015, you were good. You’re the first year I’ve ended feeling really good about what went down and what is ahead in a very long time. And, 2016, you’ve got some big shoes to fill, but I am pretty sure you’re up to the challenge and I am excited to see what you’ll bring me!

What are YOU hoping to accomplish/experience/dream/hope/live in 2016?

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