LDR: The Struggle

Dan and I started a dating at the beginning of December. Which is pretty much the best. There is only one problem really: he’s in Cincinnati and I’m in Orlando. This would make no sense and suck more if we hadn’t already known each other for so many years. As it is, it sucks enough, and getting to be together once a month is not ideal, but it is what we have for now.

So, with that distance, comes the LDR (long distance relationship) struggles and awesomeness. Yes, it sucks to not be able to see him whenever I want. But, yay, technology! Because these days you have pretty much 24/7 access, if you need/want it, via messaging and texting and phone and OMGTHANKGOODNESSFORVIDEOTECHNOLOGY!

This weekend though, I win. He is here. And that’s the best. Literally. The best. Those times you get to be together in person are like little pockets of magical moments (and not because I live near Disney World).

This is my excited face!

This is my excited face!

Driving to the airport to get your significant other is pretty much the most ridiculous thing you’ll ever do. You make faces like this the whole time and completely involuntarily. You’re just that happy. And then you get out of the car and that hug is like the best moment that has happened to you since….well….since the last time you were together. And he’ll probably tell you that you’re suffocating him. But he’s joking. And you laugh.

Snapchat is the recipient of all your excitement.


But you don't even care, because he's here!

But you don’t even care, because he’s here!

Time for some Beaches and Cream and a couple days of annoyingly couple-y couple time! And I have zero apologies for it. 🙂

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