{Recipe} Healthy Copycat: Chipotle Burrito Bowls

This is hard one to photograph and make look yummy, but I swear that if you love Chipotle burrito bowls like I do, then you need this recipe in your freakin’ life! I, in fact, want to make up every meat ever with the marinade. Truth fact. Things you’ll need: For Marinade: 1 can chipotles […]

{Recipe} Tilapia Tacos

First, a backstory. Early last month I discovered that my friend Angie’s sister is a personal trainer. And that she was running a “jump start January” training program. And was only charging $40. Done. Sign me up. She’s in California, but was creating meal plans and workouts and able to contacted regularly. And I needed […]

Rebooting the blog!

I haven’t blogged in almost a year. Literally. So there’s that. But I think it’s time to bring that ish back! And this year is going to be quite the journey (not that the past copule years haven’t been), so I think it’s appropriate to reboot this little baby back up! Things happening this year: […]