Rebooting the blog!

I haven’t blogged in almost a year. Literally. So there’s that. But I think it’s time to bring that ish back! And this year is going to be quite the journey (not that the past copule years haven’t been), so I think it’s appropriate to reboot this little baby back up!

Things happening this year:
-New goals and dreams
-A quickly growing and successful Scentsy career
-A brand new career in Cincinnati real estate
-Lifestyle changes to be healthier versions of us

And these are just the things I know RIGHT NOW. I thought rebooting this blog would mean you could follow along with the ups and downs AND give me a way to look back on the moments that 2017 has in store AND track some of the best recipes Dan and I try during our healthy life changes!

So while this is mostly a product of me wanting to keep track, I know there are some people with interest to follow along, so thank you for reading about my crazy life. 🙂

Let’s go live a beautiful 2017! Here we go!!!!!

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