About Dawn On Me

I’m just an Indiana girl who escaped the Midwest, became a Disney girl, and has now moved back, specifically to Cincinnati, to be with the love of her life. Adventure is out there, and I always have the need to explore it!

I love crisp autumn days and their salted caramel mochas and crunchy, colorful leaves, but hate the allergies they bring. I kind of hate snow. Unless I can stay inside just watching it. 🙂 Boyfriend is going to teach me how to ski. Maybe I’ll change my mind…

I start thinking about Christmas in September and consume anything peppermint…especially mochas, cocoa, and joe-joes.

I listen to Hanson on a nearly daily basis (they’re my fave band ever) and ‘Mmmbop’ is my ringtone. No shame. Give current them a chance.

I’m a real estate agent by day and have just launched my career here in the Cincinnati area! Instead of having free time, I’m a superstar Scentsy consultant and love to take photographs.

I never missed an episode of Glee, can relate anything to a HIMYM episode, like to marathon Property Brothers, and love silly tv drama like Pretty Little Liars and Nashville.

I own almost every Jason Segel movie and I’ve had to repurchase ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ because I wore out my first copy.

I cheer on my Purdue Boilermakers, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, and St. Louis Cardinals.

I cook like a beast, always choose Coke over Pepsi, love peanut butter but can pass on chocolate unless it’s really dark, and Albanese gummy bears could be my downfall.

I love Disney. Reallyreallyreally love it. It’s something that has brought me extreme happiness. Working at Walt Disney World and getting to experience magic every day made me Dawn again. #CMforlife

I dream of traveling all over the world. Like. So much traveling needs to happen. Dan and I’s list grows daily.

I love spontaneous moments.

I put 110% into everything I do. No one and nothing deserves only part of my attention.

More than anything, I love to laugh and make those around me laugh, too.

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