Series Sunday: TeeVee Probs

For a girl who does not have cable, and hasn’t in a few years (I know, I’m soooooo hipster cool), I sure do have a long list of shows I’m dedicated to. And, yes, I do have Netflix and Hulu+, so I can still watch TV things, I just don’t sit and watch it pointlessly […]

Watch Me Wednesday: Movies, Movie Stars, & Me

And in case you missed any of my points: 1) Jason Segel 2) Mila Kunis 3) Kristen Bell – sloth video 4) Dracula musical 5) Russell Brand 6) Jason Bateman 7) Bill Hader & Jonah Hill 🙂

The Most Random Facts EVER*

There is this meme going around Facebook-land where people give their friends a number and then said friends post that many random facts about themselves. That made me think, “Well, I don’t really care to do shiz like that on Facebook really, but since I’m blogging again, and the blogging is new (again), maybe I […]